We Design Your Sound.

Welcome to INCK.FX. Handmade effect pedals for guitar and bass, based in Belgium.

We listen to your creativity and make it come true to create a wide array of sounds and styles.

Always wanted to have that effect pedal that perfectly fits the tone you're looking for? We can make it happen.

Feel free to contact us at any time with the contact forum at the bottom of this page for questions or requests.

All the pedals on this site were requested by our customers and handmade in Belgium.


Due to my very busy schedule as a musician ALL pedals are made on request. The waiting time after ordering will be roughly 2 months.

Do you have an idea for a great pedal? Or do you want a custom build pedal?

Send us a message!

If you haven’t received our answer within 3-5 days, please check your spam e-mail, or send us your request again.

About me

My name is Bret VlaemINCK.

Now you know where the brand name is originated.

I'm a bassplayer based in Belgium who loves guitar and bass pedals and likes to create cool and unique sounds with them. Some bandmates refer to me as Mr. gadget bass.

I am that kind of guy who wants to nail the perfect sound for each song that I get asked to play.


But sometimes it can get overwhelming. When on stage I like to enjoy the moment en not worry about pressing multiple pedals all the time. That is why I started to make my own pedals. To make a pedal that gives me the specific sound I need without having to put multiple pedals after one another and losing my low end or original tone.

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